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NOTE: I am no longer printing copies of the 5th edition (or earlier editions) per PMI’s request. I will leave this info online for people with the 5th edition until the end of 2022.


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  • Instructors can access more sample tests and Jeopardy-like games on the instructor site
  • See the home page for the templates and Microsoft Project files
  • Click the Links tab for links to other resources.

Corrections: Very early printings had a few more errors, but those were fixed by the end of June, 2015. Below are the corrections found since then, which have been corrected in the revised fifth edition in May 2016. Let me know if you find more errors. Thanks.

  • p. 40, second para. Line 7. Delete text after “follows:”
  • p. 48, first para. Change $2,316 to $686,180 and $3,201 to $$1,063,514. (I forgot that I had changed Figure 2-4. Also, the formula should say npv not just nv in Figure 2-4.)
  • p. 49, first full para. The last number should be 18%, not 27%.
  • p. 60., para labeled 5. Change Figure 2-11 reference to Figure 2-10.
  • p. 61. Change label at the bottom to Figure 2-11 versus 2-12.
  • p. 118, line 3, change requirement to requirements
  • p. 234, Exercise 3. Figure 6-8 not 5-8.
  • p. 331, Exercise 2. e. Figure 8-5 not 7-4.
  • p. 331, Exercise 4. Figure 8-13 not 8-12.
  • p. 422 of the Revised fifth edition, Figures A-29 and A-30 should show Task 15 as a summary task.
  • p. 428 of the Revised fifth edition, Figure A-36  should show the predecessors for tasks 22 and 23.

Comment on Appendix A for Project 2016 (thanks to Robert Wright and his students from Okanagan College for reporting this problem): On p. 426 (p. 37 if you purchased just the Appendix A book), Step 5, when you enter -50% into the lag column of the Task Information dialog box for Task 5, an “e” may be automatically added, resulting in “2FS-50e%.”  Due to the “e”, the software won’t properly calculate the lead time. The workaround is to type “2FS-50%” directly into the Predecessors column for Task 5. The same applies for task 10.