6e Corrections

Even after three reviewers and proofreader read this new edition, I still found a few corrections, listed below. If you find more, please email me at schwalbe@augsburg.edu. Thanks!

  1. 69 First key term, capitalize “able”
  2. 86 figure 307, delete the words “Axis Title” at the bottom of the figure
  3. 87 last line, insert “and assumptions log” after charter
  4. 106 Question 1, delete option E. closing
  5. 106 Question 2, change “monitoring and controlling” to “closing.” As the questions reads now, both B and D are true
  6. 181 second last line, change “time” to “schedule.”
  7. 187 last two lines, capitalize “when” in each line
  8. 452 delete detailed table of contents
  9. 453 delete second bulleted item