5th Edition What’s New?

Building on the success of the previous editions, An Introduction to Project Management, Fifth Edition introduces a uniquely effective combination of features. The main changes include the following:

  • Chapter 1 includes a new section on Project Management Careers.
  • There are now ten chapters instead of nine. The old chapter 4, Planning Projects, Part 1, focused on planning for project integration, scope, time, and cost management. This chapter is now broken down into two separate chapters, with one focusing on project integration and scope management and the other on time and cost management. More information and examples are provided for defining the scope of projects and developing project schedules, both challenging aspects of project management.
  • Updated examples and references are provided throughout the text, and user feedback is incorporated.
  • New materials have been added on Agile and kanban with examples on applying them to projects.
  • Appendix B, Brief Guide to AtTask, has been removed. The new Appendix B, Resources, includes a summary of and links to several different project management and simulation tools and other resources, such as templates and certification information. I also include more detailed information on using Basecamp, a tool that several people suggested and that I tested out with students in 2015. I will continue to add suggested resources online.
  • Appendix C, Case Studies, includes detailed instructions for using case studies as part of your course. An expanded version of the Fixer Upper case study is available upon request. It was based on a real project, of course.
  • The free book website has been totally redesigned. New information will be added to the site and a blog to keep information up-to-date.