PM Software

As mentioned in my texts, there are hundreds of software tools you can use to assist in managing projects. Below are links to a few resources to get free trials and learn how to use some of them.

Microsoft Project: Below are a few links to this popular tool.

Project Libre: This free, open-source software is an alternative to Microsoft Project. You do need to download the software in the current version, but a cloud version will be available soon. You can open Project files with Project Libre.

Jira: Anyone can get an unlimited free version of Jira (with limited capabilities). You can also access a Product Guide and many free tutorials from this site.

MindView: This software allows you to create mindmaps which can be used to create a WBS and Gantt chart.

Basecamp: This software includes several different tools to help teams put all of their project data and communications in one place. Instructors and students can request a free account with no time limit from Basecamp.